Two Color Flexo Printing Machine (High Speed)

Product Name:
Two Color Flexo Printing Machine (High Speed)
Product Description:
For printing of packing materials as polyethylene, polypropylene bag, and paper roll, etc. It is a kind of ideal printing equipment for producing paper packing bag, supermarket handbag and vest bag etc.
Performance and Features:

  • Easy operation, flexible starting, accurate color register.
  • The meter counter can set printing quantity according to the requirements.
  • The printing ink is spread by the anilox cylinder with even ink color.
  • Reliable drying system coordinated with high-speed rotation, it will automatically break circuit when the machine stops.
  • The frequency control of motor speed adapts to different printing speeds.
  • Sensor to stop the machine automatically when the material is cut off.

Minimum Qty:
01 no
On Request
Payment Term:
100% Advance along with the confirmation of order
Delivery Time:
Five to Six weeks from the confirmation of order
Packed in Wooden Box